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Welcome to Scare Products... a valued member of the Oak Island Creative family of brands!

Over the past 20 years, Oak Island has become the gold standard in creating seasonal events, attractions and haunt products. We currently produce many of America’s flagship special events to include Halloween, Christmas and Food & Wine spectaculars.

Oak Island is the world’s most prolific producer of world-class haunted attractions...having produced more than one hundred in America in the last decade alone! In addition, most haunted attractions throughout the U.S. utilize Scare Products as a supplier for their professional haunted attraction gear. Most of our signature products are MADE IN AMERICA by hand by AMERICAN CRAFTSMAN. This is why we like to say we are THE GREAT AMERICAN HAUNTED HOUSE COMPANY... and that WE SCARE AMERICA!

Thank you for considering the purchase of an Oak Island Creative Scare Product. We look forward to warmly serving you! 

John Hawkins
Founder of Oak Island Creative